You love it. So own it.

Own eco-friendly NFTs from creators you love, and join exclusive Collectors communities.

Life-changing experiences. One NFT away.

Collect limited edition NFTs and experiences (xNFTs).

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Digital Art NFT Collect digital art that speaks to you.
Backstage Pass xNFT Backstage access to a concert.
Call of Duty Match with Streamer xNFT Play Call of Duty with a streamer you love.
Bar’s Secret Cocktail NFT A bar’s limited edition secret cocktail NFT. Only NFT holders can order it.
And many more... Yoga Sessions, Meet & Greets, Tutorials, and more.
Creators’ll be sliding into your DMs.

As an NFT collector, you’re in the creator’s inner circle now.

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Exclusive Collector’s Club Access an exclusive Collectors’ Club between the creator and all her NFT owners.
Premium DM Access Collectors get premium DM access with the creator. Chat about the NFT you own!
Collector’s Badges Be recognized as a Collector whenever you comment and interact with a creator’s posts.
Don’t tell us who you are. Show us.

Home for the NFTs you’ve collected. Express your style.

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Amy’s Collection She loves Art and Photography.
Taylor’s Collection They’re a Comics and Games buff.
Tyrone’s Collection He vibes to Music and Concerts.
Martina’s Collection She’s all about Food and Travel.
Eco-Friendly NFTs.

Protecting our planet.

Bubblehouse uses the eco-friendly blockchain Polygon as the technology upon which it creates its NFTs. Polygon is more than 84810x more energy-efficient than Ethereum, making it one of the greenest blockchains. Creators and collectors are assured that all their activity is environmentally responsible.

We verify it’s really you

to ensure content integrity.

We prevent content and identity theft by verifying every NFT creator. You can rest assured that the NFTs you collect are valid!